Blogmas day 13//DIY Decoration&Look Fantastic Box #PrelovedAdvent






Guy there’s only 12 days until Christmas! Today’s blogmas post is an exciting one…I got asked as part of a campaign to create a Christmas decoration for Preloved – and I did. However, as many of you may know I’m not that good a t DIY but I gave it my best shot (don’t judge me). Also, as part of the campaign I received a limited edition Look Fantastic subscription box. All the items within the box I loved and cannot wait to try I will be doing another post with all the products and telling you what I think of them.

I combined both the Look Fantastic box with my decoration I hope you guys like it.

For my decoration I used a cupcake box then I glued some cotton wool along the bottom to act as snow or a winter wonderland. Then I added sequins to the lid to act as snow. Simpy then adding decorative tape for the outskirts and adding string to hang the decoration with.

For within the decoration I added the paper shreddings from the Look Fantastic box and placed inside 2 products which were the lipstick and a hair mask. This decoration can be made with any design of your choice as well as its cheap technically costing nothing as its just simply recycling. You can also change it up by putting something else inside depending on your preferences.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have a go at making your own decoration.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x







Blogmas day 12// Christmas Jumpers♥


Hello everybody!

Only 13 days until Christmas! I thought this is the perfect time to share with you what Christmas jumpers I’m loving.

Dear Santa Jumper – Topshop. There’s always one simple jumper I love every year. This year it has to be this one as the font used is super cute and compliments the jumper so well. This would be perfect if you don’t want to look too Christmasy.

Sequin Jumper – H&M. This is opposite of the first one to be honest if you’d like to look Christmasy this one is perfect for you. I love the sequins it makes it look super attractive as well as sassy.

Pom Pom Jumper – M&S. The comfiness of this jumper got to me. Like seriously doesn’t it look so warm and cosy. The pom poms add that last adorable touch as I think kids would love this jumper.

North Pole Jumper – Next. Finally again I love this because of how Christmasy it is. I mean I haven’t seen one like this anywhere so if your looking to look different this one is for you.

They are my few favourite Christmas jumpers this Christmas.

What’s your favourite Christmas jumper this Christmas? Comment below.



Blogmas day 11// Pamper Routine 2015♥


Snapchat-5851760505762443766 IMAG2472

Hey guys!

It’s finally Friday whooo! Plus only 14 days until Christmas! For the past couple of months I have been repeating this pamper routine after a busy week of college ended each week and I thought I’d share it with you today.

Lacura hand and nail cream. I always love keeping my nails and hands clean and hydrated. This hand cream does the job without a doubt its really quickly absorbed and smells divine.

Fig&pomegranate bath crystals.  I have now used up all these crystals after mentioning them in various blog posts I honestly can’t fault them they’re great. They’re just so relaxing in the bath and are an amazing treat.

Gel Polish – Nailed London. I received this in the bloggers review box and I’ve painted my nails and they look so autumnal and pretty.

Wreck this journal I love my wreck this journal, I’ve re-discovered it and continued my journey through it. Its just nice to have some time to be calm and creative and this is a perfect way fro this. Let me know if you want an update on it.

Bryson Tiller//Trapsoul Finally, I can’t stop listening to the whole of this album I really recommend it. On repeat for me all day everyday.

What’s your one love this winter? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x



Blogmas day 10// Top 5 High End Beauty Products


Heyyy everyone!

With only 15 days until Christmas! I thought I’d share with you today my top 5 high end beauty products!

Show Stopper Clay Palette – Tarte. This palette contains mostly warm colours which are perfect for them smoky dark eye look especially for A/W and especially as us ladies would have many parties and night out as it is nearly Christmas.

Lumiere Divine – YVES Saint Laurent. If I’m being really honest I love the packaging more than anything. Also its just perfect for on the go and is great to highlight the face with.

Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil – NARS. I saw this yesterday when I was in Selfridges and I just really need a few of these in my lip pencil collection because the colours are vibrant and would look so good at this time of year.

Something Wild – Tom Ford. I have been seeing so many beauty bloggers rave about these lipsticks and I think they’re right because I saw these in Selfridges too and when I swatched them they were so pigmented and the colour was beautiful.

Naked Smokey Palette – Urban Decay. Finally every girls need and want this Christmas is the Naked 3 the colours in this palette are incredible and this is probably my favourite palette of them all.

What beauty product do you need this Christmas? Comment below.

Thank you for reading stay sassy x






Blogmas day 9// The Press Tent Bloggers Review Box

IMAG2425IMAG2428  IMAG2430 IMAG2431

Hey guysss!!

Only 16 days until Christmas!

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I received a Bloggers Review Box from The Press Tent.

Within the box I received a variety of items which I’ll go through now and I’ll leave links as well so you can check them out too.

Cream Cleanser – Bee Good. This will be something new I’m going try because I’ve never used a cream cleanser so this should be something to experiment with I guess.

Deodorant Wipes – Halo. When I took a look at these my first thoughts were ‘how compatible..’ because these are perfect for on the go rather than having a spray deodorant to carry.

Smooth peanut&almond popcorn – ProperCorn. I tried these and I do love popcorn and I’m quite a big of these going to have to purchase some more YUM!

Coco Mylk – Ombar. I ate my chocolate bar after the event and honestly it was so nice like its own twist on chocolate which I love.

Peanut hot drink – Peanut Hottie. I haven’t actually had the chance to try this but I’m hoping its going be a winner as it looks so nice on pictures.

So wild – So…? I couldn’t be happier with a So…? spray because I loved these when I was younger and still do so YAY me!!

Gel Polish – Nailed London. This is the perfect autumn/winter shade and I’ll be doing a blog post on this real soon.

Nerdwax As I don’t wear glasses I don’t know how I’m going test this, but I will one way or another.

Lypsyl Lypsyl is perfect for this time of the year as lips get chapped easily so this is perfect.

Christmas Mess – Hotel Chocolat. I fell in love. I mean these were so tasty. If you every stop by Hotel Chocolat grab some!!

I loved everything within the box. I mean somethings I have yet to try. Thank you so much to The Press Tent for the oppertunity to review their blogger box. Can’t wait for another one!

Whats your one love this A/W? Comment below.

Thank you for reading – stay sassy x


Blogmas day 8// Top 5 Comfy Jumpers♥


Hey guys!

This weather has got me feeling really poorly with constant headaches and a horrible cold but there’s 17 days until Christmas!

Today’s post I’ve got for you 5 jumpers which I think are needed for weather like this and are super trendy!

1 // Oversized Vintage Jumper – Boohoo. I have seen this all over Instagram and I’ve honestly felt the need to get one so in the next few day I’ll definitely be ordering one. It looks so good on and I think it’d be perfect to style.

2 // Square Stitch Jumper – Topshop. I saw this and I fell in love with the stitching as I think with knitted jumpers is the most attracting part as it feels so much better with a chunky stitch.

3 // Chunky Stitch Jumper – New Look. Again, the stitching on this is so delicate and I love this look on jumpers like this and it’d be so good to layer with.

4 // Patterned Sweater – Next. Finally a monochrome jumper you can’t go wrong really. The colours and the pattern I mean are as equally really pretty.

5 // Lace up knitted jumper – River Island. This has to be my favourite as the detail on this is beautiful s I love having tassles making it look much more classy, also the neck I mean could it get any more comfier.

Whats your favourite jumper? Comment below.

Thanks so much for reading – stay sassy x


Blogmas day 7// Winter Skincare Routine♥

IMAG2466_3 IMAG2467  IMAG2468 IMAG2469

Hey guys!

The countdown to Christmas continues with only 18 days until Christmas!

I thought why not update you guys with my skincare routine because its quite important to look after your skin. Also I’ve changed which products I’ve been using since I last did this post. So here go’s!

Manuka Honey Face Mask – Holland & Barrett. I never liked the idea of manuka honey until I tried it and honestly never say you dislike something until you’ve tried it because its most likely you’ll love it. This glides onto the skin so smoothly and gives such a soft and smooth finish.

Garnier Cleansing Water – Boots. I bought this in the beauty haul I did. This isn’t that one I’ve been through 3 bottles and one of them being the 500ml one. I mean its so much more versatile fro removing make-up rather than the average make-up wipes you can tell the difference and its so much more beneficial for your skin. I love it!

Tea Tree Daily Cleanser  I love tea tree. This smells so nice as well as keeps your skin feeling fresh and is lovely to use everyday as part of my routine.

Shea Butter  This is what I’ve just started using recently as I mentioned my dad took a trip to Dubai and also bought this back with him and I had a little read around it and honestly the things I’ve heard about it are so good and I’m guessing it will keep my skin healthy and clean I’ll let you know how it works out for me as I’ve just started using it.

Fig&Pomergranet – Baylis&Harding. Finally, again I mentioned this in my autumn essentials the scent of this is luxurious I love moisturizing with this on my body as well as my face it just feels so light which is my favourite thing about it.

What’s your current skincare favourite? Comment below.

Thanks for reading- stay sassy x


Blogmas day 6// Crimson Red Christmas!

IMAG2458_1 IMAG2460 IMAG2462 IMAG2463 IMAG2464 (1)


This weather has got me wanting to never leave my bed but good news because there’s only 19 days until Christmas!

Today I decided to a post I normally wouldn’t do, concerning homeware and decor add that little bit of festive spirit with just a few small steps. As I have noticed many people like the simplistic decor and I’ve got to say I’m one of them. So here’s a few steps to get the simple but festive look in your home.

Red Cherry Diffuser – Debenhams. This just smells divine and adds warmth and calmness to the atmosphere on a cold night. You can place this on your fireplace as a ornament and it sits well as it just the most calming red.

Sweet Berry Candle – Ikea. I literally can’t stop burning this candle it smells the best and honestly I’ve never loved a candle more for this time of year than this one. I keep this on my bedside table and burn whilst watching movies as its just so comforting.

Red Tinsel – M&S. One of my favourite things ever about Christmas is tinsel I mean oh my god it doesn’t get more exciting than this I love walking around with on me like the show girls would do but everyone’s loves tinsel to add that Christmas colour.

Red Genie Lamp – Dubai. My dad bought this back with him from Dubai and honestly its just so beautiful we have 2 of these sitting on our fireplace and they make the perfect ornaments and I’ve luckily found a link and you can get them for yourself.

Red Glitter Mini Gift Box – John Lewis. This is the cutest right? I mean its like a miniature gift. You can put these on your window sill as they add that excitement of Christmas and the joy of presents.

Red Candle Holder – Asda. Finally, this red candle holder is perfect to hold a tea light and if you have a few of these they look quite nice lit up along a shelf.

This is a few ways I’ve added crimson red decor to my home.

How have you decorated your home? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


Blogmas day 4// Gift guide: BLOGGER


Hey hey hey!

Aren’t you all glad it’s finally Friday because I am!!  21 days until Christmas! Today I’ve an addition for my gift guide series but this time it’s for ‘bloggers’ which is quite useful to our family & friends if they’re wondering what to get us right?

Navy Foil Notebook – Paperchase. A notebook is always needed like 24/7 because you never know when you’ll feel creative and you need somewhere to store the good ideas and what better way to store it, in a super cute notebook.

Frends Taylor Headphones – Urban Outfitters. These headphones I have been loving since they got released I mean look at them! SO beautiful and they’d just compliment all outfit so well – someone get me them please..

Instax Fujifilm Polaroid Camera – Argos. Us bloggers love taking pictures there is nothing better than a polaroid camera which snaps memories instantly. Every blogger requires one.

Macbook Pro – Apple. A macbook is a necessity for every blogger and youtuber because it makes our lives much easier as editing and blogging on the go is the best on a macbook its light and is easy to travel with so really its not a want its a NEED.

Holiday Cup – Starbucks. Last but not least a Starbucks cup to stay hydrated and obviously for Instagram purposes – all you bloggers know what I mean.

As important as it is to know what to get family & friends its the same for us bloggers so I hope this helps and I’m hoping I’m accurate with this guide my fellow bloggers!

What would be your ideal blogger gift? Comment below.

Thanks for reading, I will be back tomorrow – stay sassy x


Blogmas day 3// Gift guide: HIM


IMAG2403 IMAG2406 IMAG2407


Hey guys!

Hope you all had a good day! Only 22 days until Christmas! Today I’ve got another gift guide bu this time for ‘him’ because for us ladies this is the hardest so I’m really hoping this helps.

Giorgio Armani Mini Gift Set – Boots. All the minature perfumes smell really good and honestly are so long lasting and I think its quite a quirky gift to have a selection of scents rather than one and this does that job perfectly.

iPad Air 2 – Apple. This one is quite self explanatory anyone would be so happy if they received an iPad and individually I think a male would be more merrier as gaming is quite popular on this particular device.

Steel Watch – Fossil. An accessory I think which is quite an essential is a watch and honestly there’s no gift better than a stunning watch right?

Paco Rabanne Million Man – Perfume Shop. If your man is not quite fond of a selection of scents maybe a single scent is better and honestly this is a secret love of mine I spritz it on myself sometimes because honestly its just such a strong but divine fragrance.

New Balance & Adidas Trainers. Finally, I think footwear is essential I mean the shoe game always has to be strong I mean especially at Christmas time!! My 2 recommended brands for foot wear are New Balance & Adidas.

What is your ideal gift for a man? Comment below.

Thanks for reading, see you all tomorrow for blogmas once again – stay sassy x