*Summer Hand&Nail Care Routine


Hey lovely people of the world.

As I know many of you have requested another hand&nail care routine I decided to do a summer one for what I’ve been doing recently.

During summer doing my nails and looking after them is one of my favourite things to do so here it is:

My Routine:

If my hands are feeling quite dry and not quite so soft I have been applying the Pharma Nord revitalizing hand&nail cream. This hand cream does the trick in making my hands feel super soft and moisturized which I love. As I have tried Pharma Nord before I really do reccomend their products as they’re worth the money and really do work magic on my skin.

I haven’t really been wearing my false nails as much but when I have just been wearing the Primark french nails which are super cheap and just look really cute with minimal effort.

Also I have just been loving matte finish nail varnishes to paint over the false nails and even on my natural nails as it looks stunning and dresses up a outfit really nicely and is just a super cute accessory I guess.

Whats your favourite way to style your nails? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


Prom // The Ultimate Prom Plan


Hello guys, I hope you all are doing very well.

Today I’ve decided to post about something I’ve been super excited about since I was little. If you haven’t guessed or read the title yet its…PROM!!

I just wanted to tell you how I’ve planned for my prom which is on the 3rd of July (its nearly here eeek)!! Since being as small as I remember I’ve LOVED the idea of prom. I have watched every single Disney Channel Movie and any other film that has a prom within over and over again as this is how much I’ve wanted to experience one. The idea of it being such a magical and fairy-tale like experience makes me so happy as I’ve always dreamed of it to be so spectacular. I literally cannot wait for prom, it will surely be a night to remember.

As you may imagine if you’ve had a prom or a family member who has experienced a prom its fairly expensive as: choosing the right dress, picking the perfect heels and matching the glamorous jewellery can all add up to a very large total. Over in the US its all so much more outrageous as people go all out to have the biggest dress and the flashiest cars.

Well I’ve got to say that their are many components to a perfect prom including hair, makeup and the dress – as I said it can add up to a large amount. However, prom is meant to be magical and spectacular and it can only happen on way if you go all out I’m guessing!? It has been said that “Both in the UK and US 15% of school leavers will spend over £300 and $300 on outfits”. This is one fact of many as My Voucher Codes have done this research to show the average prom spend by surveying young people.

If you want to check out the whole of the statistics and the prices of peoples proms you can check it out here on A girl’s world article.

In my opinion I can understand all this money spending for the perfect prom, but sometimes it does get quite extreme. I think as long as your happy and think its all suitable then your fine.

I’ve had a bumpy journey trying to find the perfect dress but it was all worth it in the end as I totally adore my dress. I’m not going to spill any details because I’ll be doing a whole post on what my hair, makeup and dress looks like after prom which will be posted the day after prom hopefully so that will be exciting.

I can’t tell you how excited I am guys EEEK!

What’s your ideal prom? Comment below.

Thanks so much for reading – stay sassy x


*Hand&Nail Care Routine!

P_20150516_130821  P_20150516_130856P_20150516_130849

Hey guys.

I’m supposed to be revising English Literature as I have an exam tomorrow but I thought I’d take a little break as I’ve been at it all morning.

So I’ve got another routine post as you know from the title – It’s my hand&nail care routine. As you may or may not know I love taking care of my nails as I think they’re one of the best things about being a girl!

My routine:

I always ensure whenever my hands a feeling rough or dry I apply hand cream the hand cream I am using at the minute is the Sebamed hand+nail balm. This balm is quickly absorbed which I love!! It also has the most nicest scent to it.

I love painting my nails and making them look super pretty. I have recently been loving the Maybeline colour show nail varnishes these are super easy to apply, they last quite long without chipping and most of all it dries really quick.

As well as ensuring my nails are painted I always ensure they’re cut to a suitable length as well as nicely shaped. I always file my nails in a round motion because I love this look to my nails – as when I apply nail varnish it looks flawless!

Finally, I can’t leave Primark without purchasing a packet of false nails. As I think they’re so good for the price and you can shape them however and they’re so easy to put on. I mean seriously you can’t go wrong!!

What’s your favourite nail varnish? Comment below.

I can’t tell you how much I miss blogging but it’ll all be back to normal in a few weeks.

Thanks so much for reading – stay sassy x


My Skincare Routine


Hi, my beautiful readers!

I hope your all good and having a good weekend – my weekend has gone way to fast for my liking.

As many of you have requested for a skincare routine here it is!

I like to keep my skin healthy and hydrated. For my skin to stay hydrated I use the following products:

1. Seaweed purifying facial cleanser – The Body Shop. I use this as a daily wash to keep my skin soft. It never lets me down my skin is quite dry so this is amazing for my skin and keeps it looking fresh.

2. Seaweed clarifying toner – The Body Shop. I use this to remove my makeup, it works really well gets rid of all my makeup all in one and purifies my skin perfectly!

3. Seaweed pore-cleansing facial exfoliator – The Body Shop. This exfoliates my skin faultlessly. I don’t always use this as often as the facial cleanser but it’s just as good.

4. Seaweed ionic clay mask – The Body Shop. I don’t frequently wear face masks but when I do which is usually once a month I use this seaweed mask – I love this. I chose to purchase this when I saw velvetgh0st feature this in one of her videos highly recommending it. Now that I use it, I highly recommend it to. It refreshes my skin – keeping it looking fresh and clean.

5. InstaNatural eye serum – Amazon. I have recently started using this eye serum – I’m liking it so far. This is intended to remove under eye circles it seems to be working and making my under eyes look much better. If you need an eye serum I recommend this.

P_20150314_105216 P_20150314_105339

To keep your skin healthy the key is to drink plenty of water and keep it clean. Also, try not to wear foundation and apply BB cream as it’s much healthier for your skin. Also, don’t always apply too many skin products as this can irritate your skin.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my skincare routine.

Leave in the comments which products you use.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x