February Favourites|2016♥



Hey guys!

I hope your all well and had a good start to the weekend because I know I have! It’s nearly the end of February and its that time where I share with you this months favourites.

Soap&Glory Righteous butter – Boots. // This is just the perfect consistency when applied it’s so soft and leaves my arms feeling super smooth I really recommend it if you haven’t already tried it.

Batiste Original dry shampoo – Boots //  As you all know how much I love Batiste dry shampoo. I always stick to the blush scent but I tried the original this month and honestly the scent is so refreshing! I cannot wait to try them all out because I have a really good feeling about them all.

Pink Soda Sport Panel Crew Sweatshirt – JD Sports // As I mentioned in a previous blog post I love the comfort of this. I love wearing it when working out and its perfect to lounge around it.

Gel Polish – Nailed London // I am recently loving dark colours (as always) but especially on my lips and nails. I just always feel that when I’m feeling cold that dark colour instantly make me feel warmer is this just me? I have recently re-discovered this shade and I’m in love with it.

Wonderbronze Cheek Stick – Soap&Glory // I love bronzer and this has made m love it even more. You don’t need to apply that much product and it’ll look flawless which I love. The application of a pan stick is so easy which I also love.

Sexy Mother Pucker Matte-Lip in Berry Much – Soap&Glory // Finally, again with my love for dark colours this month this berry colour in matte has been super beautiful to add to my make-up looks as it just brings the whole look together. I definitely need more colours in these.

That’s all my favourites this month I hope you enjoyed this post.

What have you been loving this month? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x



Pink Soda Sport♥

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Hey guys!

On Thursday a tote bag filled with Pink Soda Sport sportswear was delivered. I couldn’t maintain my excitement. I was super happy!! Pink Soda Sport is a brand stocked in JD for women who love to look great when getting active or working out. All the pieces in the collection are so so beautiful but I’m totally in love with the pieces I received. As one of my new years resolutions was to get toned and fit this sportswear is going to get me even more motivated to hit the gym because in this gear you look flawless while working out, its a win win!

Pink Soda Sport Panel Crew Sweatshirt // The comfort of this is unreal. It’s perfect for wearing over a sports bra then taking off if you feel too warm. Even on its own it’s perfect to work out in and even a cheeky lounge around the house. I know I’m going to be living in mine.

Pink Soda Sport Crackle Bra // Why haven’t I got more than one sports bra? They’re the comfiest things around! Seriously if you don’t own one go out and get one they feel amazing and are just so good for working out in!

Pink Soda Sport Logo Slim Jogging Pants // Joggers are my favourite thing in life. However, I do find it hard to find ones that are slim fit – but these do the job perfectly. They add that slight feminism to them rather than baggy and loose. So you look the part when working out which I think is such a good thought.

I love all the pieces together but I’m certainly sure you could style them with other pieces from the collection! I styled my outfit with my Adidas Originals Superstars which you know how much I love! They compliment each other o well!

What’s your favourite piece from Pink Soda Sport? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x



January Favourites|2016♥

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Hey guys!

I hope you are all good. For each month of 2016 I will be sharing my favourites with you, similar to last year when I did my monthly I love it, I want it posts. I think this will be a much loved monthly post so enjoy!

Grey Ribbed T-Shirt – New Look. // I have not just been loving this individually I’ve been loving ribbed t-shirts in general. They’re so easy to layer and style they’re a win either way!

Silver Personalised Choker – Lisa Angel. // I’ve been recently loving chokers. I mean they were talked about a lot then just forgotten about but recently I’ve rediscovered mine and I’m obsessed.

Tattoo Choker – ASOS. // Again, same with this choker it matches most my wardrobe as its all black and they’re just so fashionable.

Plush Pink Skin Brush – Magnitone. // I’ve also rediscovered my magnitone as I broke out in too many spots recently and its helped sooth my skin so well leaving it smooth.

Honey Fragranced Lip Balm – Joules. // I love this lip balm I mean its one of them that are so fruity that you could eat it.

Smooth the Day Away Body Lotion – Joules. // This body lotion is absorbed so easily and smells so so nice.

Ole Henriksen Foaming Milk – Sephora. // For my skin I’ve been using this and it just leaves it feeling fresh and hydrated.

Honey&Propolis Cream Cleanser – Bee Good. // This cleanser has to be my all time favourite I received this in my bloggers review box from the press tent and I’ve repurchased it because its too good not to get.

Jessie J (Autobiography) Nice to meet you – Amazon. // As you may or may not know I adore Jessie J and I’m currently reading her book for the 105th time (maybe not) nut honestly I can’t believe I forgot about it.

Eyelash Curlers – French Connection. // I always one to be scared about using eyelash curlers but now I’m like why haven’t I used them because they make a huge difference.

Soap&Glory Multi Blush – Boots. // I have been loving a soft glowing look within my make-up and this just helps me achieve the look perfectly honestly if you haven’t tried it, go get it!

Nutella – Tesco. // Finally my food favourite has to be nutella as honestly nutella on pancakes makes me so happy. I’m supposed to be being healthy ooops (I have strawberries with my pancakes if that helps!)

I have loved all these items so much like I don’t even know why I’ve forgotten about somethings.

What are your favourite items this month? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x






Boxing Day Bargains!|2015


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Hey everyone!

I hope you had an amazing Christmas&boxing day! (I know I did!)

As on boxing day I went on a little shopping spree as well as yesterday I popped into Manchester. I picked up a few things so I thought I’d share what I purchased with you guys. Enjoy!

Back Textured Blazer – Next. I decided to pick this up and I wasn’t really sure at first then I tried it on and quite liked the look of it on and I think I will get quite a lot of wear out of it as it will compliment high waisted jean as well as trousers really well. It also reminded me of the long boyfriend coats which are quite in trend and I think it will be really fun to style plus for £16 you can’t go wrong right?

Mid-Blue Leigh Jeans – Topshop. I just had to include these even though I bought them full price for me they’re a bargain because they’re the comfiest of jeans and just are all round great!

Lace Up Leather Brogues – Next. I was in serious need of a new pair of shoes and since I left school I haven’t bought a versatile pair of shoes for college and so I picked these up. I love the the comfort of brogues as well as how they look. Cannot wait to get back into wearing them.

Basic Striped Crop Tee – ZARA. Finally, yesterday I popped into Zara and saw this and I’ve not bought anything stripey in quite a while so I thought why not? Plus with my new high waisted jeans I think it’d make a perfect outfit.

What bargains did you grab this boxing day? Comment below?.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x



October – I love it, I want it!



Sadly October is soon ending so I thought I’d do my October – I love it, I want it! I literally have been loving a lot of clothing items so it was quite hard narrowing it down but yeah here go’s.

1.Unicorn Jumper – Rad. I saw this on Rad’s website and I was like its the most subtle blue colour I really need it. It can be so easy to style as well as layer other items with it too.

2.Grey Crop Tee – H&M. I just love these tribal kind of tees they’re perfect for A/W and look super cute with high waisted jeans.

3.Khaki Jeans – H&M. Instead of always wearing the same old black and blue jeans its good to experiment and I think this would look so versatile in A/W especially with complimentary items.

4.Black Nike Thea – Office. I recently purchased some Adidas superstars and I totally forgot my love for trainers and I’d love a pair of these as they’d go with so many outfits and I’m guessing they’re comfy as every other trainers.

5.Faux Fur Jacket – River Island. I have seen these everywhere and I guess I love the trend. This colour however I have seen as much which I think again is the best for A/W. It can be easily styled with any outfit adding that classy vibe too.

6.Boyfriend Jumper – New Look. Warm wooly jumpers are just essential as its getting colder day by day and I love this colour its so autumnal.

7. Orange&Black Trousers – Topshop. I think instead of always of wearing jeans its nice to change it up and recently I love the comfort of trouser and these are so pretty.

8.Roll Neck Jumper – Topshop. I have no words for the beauty of this I really need one as soon as possible it would fit in my wardrobe perfectly.

9.Tassle Pom Pom Bag – Asos.I hate having a big bag at this time of month so I think it’d be perfect to have a small cross body bag just for essentials. This berry colour is just so beautiful.

10.Patchwork Tee – Topshop. This has to be my favourite item of all. Its just so tumblr and pretty I love it and I do really really need it!!!

11.Chelsea Boot – Select. I went into town yesterday and tried these on and honestly they were so comfy and looked so classy so I think I really need to go back and purchase these.

What’s your A/W clothing essential? Comment below.

Thanks so much for reading – stay sassy x


Different ways to wear a bandana!

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I hope all you lovely people are well.

Today I’m doing a post on a few different ways on how to wear a bandana. The past few weeks I’ve loved wearing mine and exploring different ways how to wear it so I thought I’d share it with you guys. As this is a perfect accessory.

1 – Simply wearing it around your head. This is how the majority of people wear it to be fair. Primarily because it’s the easiest as well as the most casual. I love wearing it tied at the back as well as a bow at the front either way it looks super cool.

2 – Wearing it around your neck. If your not a fan of wearing it on your head you can easily tie it loosely around your neck and wear it like that. This would look quite nice with just a plain t-shirt and would easily style it up.

3 – Tying your hair up and tying a bow at the front. I love wearing it with my hair up as it keeps any little hairs nice and back and also I think it look so damn cute.

4 – Wearing it around your wrist. Finally, again if your not a fan of wearing it on your head you can tie it around your wrist as an accessory which looks so awesome. I love it!!

That’s four simple&easy ways on how to wear a bandana!

If you want more posts like this do let me know.

What’s your favourite accessory? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


*Accessorizing with SnazzBacks

PicsArt_1439124847502 Screenshot_2015-08-09-14-03-52_1 (1)



I know your all like wait Kiran there’s only one blog post a week why another…well because I was too excited to wait and I’m going post more than once per week maybe three times I think? Well I’ll let you know what I decide.

Yesterday morning I received my Red SnazzBack which I kindly got sent by the company themselves. You guys know how much I love street style and this is perfect for any outfit just to add that little boost in colour as it’s bright red or slightly dress up an outfit you could say.

As it was so sunny yesterday it was perfect to block any heat towards my head or my hair. I love how it looks also I don’t like wearing it at the front but I love wearing it backwards as I think I suite it more this way.

My favourite thing about it is that you don’t even need to bother doing your hair you just need to brush it and once its one your all done and ready to go – which is also perfect for bad hair days!

Overall, I love snapbacks and I’m going get so much wear out of this I can tell. I love the name ‘SnazzBacks’ as its unique and also their slogan is ‘stay snazzy’ almost like mine ‘stay sassy’ I love it!!

Everyone go check out SnazzBacks for a variety of bucket hats, beanies and snazzbacks.

Get 10% off your order with the code: AUG10

What’s you favourite type of hat? Comment below.

Thanks for reading my loves – stay sassy x