Blush Pink Spring!

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All this warmth has got me hyped, in the UK we haven’t had sun like this in forever. I’ve had such a good start to the weekend, what have you guys been up to? For today’s post I just thought as the sun is finally making an appearance I’d share with you some of my go to beauty products for spring!

Speed Plump – Soap and Glory. I love keeping my skin hydrated especially when the sun is out. This is my go to as it absorbs into the skin so easily and is so soft on the skin.

Kate Moss Lipstick – Boots. I’ve recently re-discovered this lipstick and honestly the application of this is so easy and it looks so good with a simple outfit.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Boots. To add that extra volume to your hair without backcombing it, dry shampoo is the best option. Its forever going to be my favourite hair product.

Lip Balm – Balmi. Dry lips are the worst especially in the sun, to overcome this I love using my raspberry balmi it’s so easy to apply because of the packaging I love it!

Sexy Mother Pucker – Soap and Glory. This is perfect to apply on top of a nude lipstick to add that extra shine, especially in the Spring!

Raspberry Lip Balm – Bagsy Beauty. Again, as raspberry is my favourite I love this tinted lip balm when I’m not really in the mood for wearing lipstick this is a perfect alternative.

Gloss Stick – Soap and Glory. Similar to other pinks this is such as gorgeous shade which compliments my outfits so well in the Spring.

Matte Liquid Lipstick – Maybeline. I recently purchased this and honestly its such a pretty nude it can be paired with any make-up look and it would instantly look so beautiful.

Nail Varnish – Little Odine. I mentioned the mint green in my favourites but the pink is perfect for Spring!

What is your go-to Spring beauty product? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x




*Bagsy Beauty Products

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Hey my beautiful readers.

Today I’ve got a blog post to tell you about one of the newest beauty collections. This is my by Bagsy – ‘Meet your handbag’s new best friends’.

Bagsy launched exclusively on on the 15th of June.

Bagsy is a British brand. Its a collection designed of easy-to-use beauty essentials. Also, with quirky and detailed packaging. I love it! Bagsy allows you to always be prepared, always and for any occasion. – Your handbag will love it!

That was just a short introduction to what Bagsy do as a company I’m now going to tell you a little about some of their selected products.

The lovely Sally who works at Bagsy gave me the oppertunity to receive some lovely Bagsy products and I’ve got to say my love for them is unexplainable.

Lip Cocoon – Raspberry // This is a tinted lip balm. Once I tried it on my lips they felt hydrated and soft. I love how it feels also the colour looks stunning. This is also available in Lemon and Raspberry.

Ray of Sunshine – Medium Dark // This is matte-finish bronzer which creates natural looking glow. I have to say I was in need of a new bronzer now this has come along I’m lost for words it just gives the perfect make-up look for summer. Its also available in Light Medium.

To finish with Bagsy will make you fall in love with their products so do check them out.

Over at Feel Unique.

What’s your favourite Bagsy product? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


My makeup routine

Hello my beautiful readers.

I hope your all having a wonderful week!

Today, I finally had enough time to do a blog post on my makeup routines as many of you have requested it! I’m so glad I can finally show you all the products I use. I don’t wear makeup everyday but when I do this is what products I usually use.

Here are all the products I use –


I’m going to do this in three sections:


Rimmel wake me up make up foundation – This foundation has such a great coverage and I’ve been using this for quite a while and I love it.

Collection lasting perfection concealer – This concealer is literally the best. I couldn’t cover my under eyes properly until I purchased this its amazing and I really recommend this to anyone in need of a good concealer.

Rimmel stay matte pressed powder – Stay matte powder is just an essential your makeup looks flawless once you apply this. Keeps your makeup looking good all day.

Makeup revoloution powder blusher hot – This blusher has a really nice colour to it not to pale that you can’t see but not too bright either which I think is perfect!



Rimmel scandaleyes micro liner black – This eyeliner is literally my favourite makeup product. It makes top liner so east to apply.

Rimmel London scandaleyes retro glam mascara – I use this mascara for my top lashes as I find this mascara doesn’t clump on my lashes.

MUA extreme curl mascara black – I use this mascara on my bottom lashes as it has the perfect brush for my bottom lashes.




Maybelline baby lips balm pink punch – Baby lips keeps my lips hydrated all day I apply this before my lipstick so my lipstick stays put all day.

Rimmel Kate lipstick shade 20 – I’ve done a whole blog post on this lipstick check it out here. I love it it’s my favourite lipstick and the colour is so gorgeous.


Here is a few selfies of the finished look:

P_20141220_133015 Screenshot_2015-02-19-14-17-07

That’s it guys!

That’s my makeup routine,comment below your makeup favourites and if you use any of the products above.

Like always thanks for reading and I’ll see you all very soon – stay sassy x