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Hello my beautiful readers.

I hope you are enjoying your Friday.

Recently, I participated in a Twitter party throughout the party you had the opportunity to receive gifts which you could then review as well as connecting with brands.

I got gifted from the brand Buckley London. They are a jewellery brand who sells the most classical jewellery it’s just so elegant and beautiful.

I received the miniature heart pendant necklace. Once I saw it I fell straight into heaven it was just so eye catching the diamantes were just so sparkly – and I do love my bling. This was right up my street sparkly and rose gold which I adore!! It ticked all the boxes, I love it!! However, I would love the chain to be a bit heavier as it would feel more comfortable on me as I like having heavy necklaces.

Overall, I do love it!  It’s classy and elegant as well as attractive. I can’t wait to style it with my outfits and match it with other jewellery.

What’s your favourite piece of jewellery? Comment below.

I hope you enjoyed this post – stay sassy x


*Accessorizing with Orelia Jewellery.















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Hey my loves.

I hope you are all smiling and well.

A few days ago I received the cutest jewellery pieces from Orelia Jewellery. I love accessorizing with gold jewellery as it near enough goes with anything. I picked 2 things off their website which I liked these were:

Triple triangle necklace – This just stood out. I love triangular jewellery and I thought this would look lovely with most of my outfits like a little statement necklace. I guess it worked as I wore it under my collar of my blouse and it looked super cute – I love it!!

Engraved tube bead braclet – I haven’t really has the best experience with bracelets to be fair. As I have really small wrists they never seem to fit. So I decided to take a risk and pick this bracelet as I just adored the simplicity of it. Sadly, once I wore this it again was too big for my wrist but I like it so I’ll try and have to find a use for it.

Orielia Jewellery can also be found on ASOS& in store Topshop.

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What’s your favourite type of jewellery? Comment below.

Thanks for reading guys – stay sassy x