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As you all know I love sharing my outfits with you and I’ve got another outfit I have been loving. It’s super simple and so easy to dress up as well as dress down.

Black shearling jacket (similar) – Warehouse. This has to be my favourite coat/jacket it goes with so many outfits. Shearling have been such a trend and are so easy to show and later with.

High neck cropped jumper (similar) – h&m. I love h&m jumpers the comfort, the size and the quality. It’s always made so well and they’re again such an easy piece to style.

Black high waist Harper jeans – River Island. I kept all the outfit black as to why I wore my high waisted jeans and I love these from River Island they’re the perfect length and fit so nicely.

Checkboard slip-on vans – Vans. I loved my black suede slip-on vans and couldn’t resist purchasing the check boards vans and i did exactly that. I love them they’re so comfy and are such a fun piece to have in your shoedrobe.

Black shoulder bum bag – h&m. Finally the star of the show, i’m in love with this shoulder bag. Off white have released a bag and this bag is such a good dupe as to why I love it. As well as the pink strap I just think it’s such a nice touch, they also did a black strap but i preferred the pink. It really bought the whole outfit together.

What’s you favourite spring/summer accessory? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – Kiran xo



*Comfort in Camo | JD Women


Comfort is essential in both gym wear as well as lounge wear. I mean everyone knows gym gear is perfect and the most comfortable to lounge around the house in. I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite pieces from the new Ellese collection available in JD Sports now.

Ellese Cropped Over Head Hoodie – I love a hoodie in general and to be fair a cropped hoodie is super easy to style when going to the gym. The matching leggings go perfectly however if you didn’t want to be as bold the black Ellese original leggings would go perfectly. The fit of the hoodie is true to size and is so warm ready for that transition into A/W.

Ellese All Over Print Leggings – The leggings to match the hoodie are such a good fit. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve had a pair of leggings that fit me this well! They’re not at all see through which means you can work out without being cautious and just be comfy. Also, the lilac on the leggings is SO gorgeous can I say at first I thought it was white but pastel colours are so in and it looks trendy!!!

Ellese Padded Jacket – I think this has to be my favourite item of them all. I’ve always wanted a padded jacket and I’m in love I cannot wait to style this in A/W as well as just rock it to the gym. It’s so comfy and isn’t too big which I was afraid of. It fits perfectly and is waterproof so I mean you can’t go wrong.

Black Womens Nike Theas – I love my Nikes they’re so super light on my feet to work out in. They’re the all black ones and are versatile with all my gym outfits as it’s a basic colour so the grey camo looks super good with these.

Whats your favourite outfit to work out in? Comment below.

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Nudes & Trousers Trend


The post I’ve been most excited for is finally here! An outfit I’ve been loving recently and literally been living in has finally made up onto the blog.

Trousers have been shown a lot of love recently from culottes to cigarette and tapered trousers everyone has a favourite.

Pink floral tapered trousers – Primark. YES! Primark, id been on the hunt for these since June. As soon as I’d given up I walked into the Selfridges Primark stand and they were there and I couldn’t have picked them any faster! I fell in love them once I tried them on and they’re super easy to style! Either a t-shirt for when it’s sunny or even an off the shoulder top too! Then in Autumn I can’t wait to style them with a white cropped jumper.

White basic tshirt – H&M – I love the basics section in H&M. They do the best fabric for basic t-shirt and you just can’t go wrong. I decided to style the trousers with a plain white t-shirt rather than a drilled sleeve top as the trousers are quite loud so it’s better to style them with something quite basic. So then either way you can dress it up or down according to your preference.

Gold and Pink satin Puma Suedes – OFFICE. I LOVE these trainers as soon as I saw them in store I had to pick them up originally I wanted the all black ones. But as soon as saw these I had to have them! They’re so pretty and super easy to style with SO many outfits as they’re quite neutral. I chose these to wear with the trousers as I wanted a casual look and not anything too bold whereas if I did want a bold outfit I’d have gone with a pair of heels.

Black ray ban esque sunglasses – New Look. I chose to wear my black sunglasses to have a block colour rather than a rose gold or gold as this just adds a little edgy vibe to the girly yet casual outfit.

Black Handbag – Dune. I love this black bag I take it everywhere with me its the perfect size for everyday essentials and can be altered to a cross body bag to which is always handy. Also again with the sunglasses I just wanted to add a loud block colour to this neutral outfit.

I love this combination and can’t wait to also switch it up! It’s super comfy and can be changed to suit the weather by adding a suede biker jacket or even a blue wash denim jacket or maybe even a trench coat!

Whats your favourite outfit recently? Comment below.

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Black is back!

dsc_7468-new dsc_7483 dsc_7484 dsc_7485-new dsc_7503dsc_7457 dsc_7458dsc_7449-new

[visuals: @deaddybear ]

I promise I’ve not been hiding. The key is within planning and organisation. I have been devoting my time to a key plan for blog posts and innovation. I’m up to date with all the fresh content to soon appear for debut.

Today I thought I’d share one of my favourite coats in spotlight. I love styling this in so many ways but for me simplicity is essential. So I thought I’d share it with you guys. With a simple outfit of full black the navy blue is caught with the eye which is the exact vibe I love to go for.

Molly Overcoat – Your Shores.  A long boyfriend overcoat is a staple this A/W if I say so myself. They’re everywhere on the high street in the deep burgundy and light grey shade. You can style them my layering and even with the simplest of items. I love how mine fits, the length is not too long and it’s not to oversized either.

Short Polo-Neck Top – H&M. I love the style of this polo-neck as it’s not your average polo-neck as its much more thinner. It’s so easy to style with any pair of jeans as well as a nice pair of trousers.

Skinny High Waist Jeans – New Look.  It doesn’t get more standard than a black high waist pair of jeans. However, I love the fit of these I didn’t really think New Look jeans would be this satisfying.

Suede Chelsea Boots – Asos.  I purchased these boots a couple of months ago and honestly I love styling them with all different outfits. The ones linked aren’t the exact ones I have but they’re the closest I could find.

What is your favourite outerwear this A/W? Comment below.

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Outerwear Trends for Autumn | Shores

img_8604 img_8618 img_8622 img_8629 img_8631 img_8632 img_8675 img_8680 img_8685 img_8690 img_8702 img_8717 img_8742  img_8771img_8745

This is a post I’ve been waiting to publish for a long time! I’m so excited ahhhhh. As you may or may not know I’m all for coats and jackets as this is what I love to see in my wardrobe. During the summer me and Jess picked out our favourite trends for outerwear so I thought I’d share these picks with you guys.

Fur Parka in Khaki and Pink – Shores. Parkas have always been a top trend during the colder months whether that’s a khaki one, camo or even a pink hooded one. They are seen on the likes of Zoella, Louisa Johnson and even Kylie Jenner. I loved modelling this pink hooded parka as it is just a piece essential for the wardrobe. I guess it’s bold but in a subtle way.

Embroidered Souvenir Jacket – Shores.  This has to be my favourite of all the outerwear I just cannot stop wearing it. The embroidery on the jacket is so detailed and stands out on the black. I do love the material which is silky and so lightweight. Bomber jackets are so trendy easy to throw on and perfect to layer with!

Pink Bomber Jacket with Patches – Shores.  Another bomber jacket which I’ve also been loving is this pale pink one, which fair enough isn’t for everyone. However patch work and patches has been going crazy on denim jackets, jeans and even bags. Adding that hint of quirky. I do love how spontaneous this jacket is.

Lightweight Duster Coat – Shores.  Finally another one of my favourites has to be this duster coat. I love how lightweight it is you can add a scarf and a knitted jumper on under as well as a beanie and bam it’s the perfect winter outfit. I love layering this and adding colours to the black.

I cannot wait to do an autumn look book post including some of these fabulous pieces – so do keep an eye out!

Don’t forget to check out Shores  and get yourself a 10% discount code with: WELCOME10.

What outerwear are you loving? Comment below.

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Outfit of the day // Styling sports clothing♡

IMAG3484 IMAG3496 IMAG3511 IMAG3513

As I’ve noticed I haven’t done an outfit of the day in a long while, so I decided to do one with one of my favourite outfits! Primarily because 95% of time I’m always in this outfit. The base of this outfit is sport I mean I’ve always had a thing for sports clothing like Adidas and Nike. I love having the sporty look while doing no physical activity at all (being the person I am hahaha)!

Adidas Trefoil Tee – Adidas. I mean when I got the t-shirt I didn’t think I’d get much wear out of it but I’ve wore it quite often to college and styled it with other jackets and bottoms giving it a total different look every time.

MA1 Zip Bomber – Topshop. I purchased this bomber a few weeks ago I was unsure whether to get it or not, but I bought it. Bombers have been trending for so long and I’m so glad they are because I love all my bombers so much so easy to style and such a cool piece to add to any outfit.

Adidas Original Superstars – Adidas. My superstars are my babies, I mean they’re still so white which I couldn’t be happier about! They’re loved everywhere and by everyone and again you can’t go wrong wearing these.

High Waist Skinny Jeans – Next. Finally my jeans are the most beautiful blue which I love. As you all probably know my love for Next jeans. These jeans are just so comfy and don’t fade at all – can you believe it??

What are your favourite outfits currently? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x

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Pink Soda Sport♥

IMAG2896 IMAG2966  IMAG2987 IMAG2872IMAG2877PicMonkey Collage

Hey guys!

On Thursday a tote bag filled with Pink Soda Sport sportswear was delivered. I couldn’t maintain my excitement. I was super happy!! Pink Soda Sport is a brand stocked in JD for women who love to look great when getting active or working out. All the pieces in the collection are so so beautiful but I’m totally in love with the pieces I received. As one of my new years resolutions was to get toned and fit this sportswear is going to get me even more motivated to hit the gym because in this gear you look flawless while working out, its a win win!

Pink Soda Sport Panel Crew Sweatshirt // The comfort of this is unreal. It’s perfect for wearing over a sports bra then taking off if you feel too warm. Even on its own it’s perfect to work out in and even a cheeky lounge around the house. I know I’m going to be living in mine.

Pink Soda Sport Crackle Bra // Why haven’t I got more than one sports bra? They’re the comfiest things around! Seriously if you don’t own one go out and get one they feel amazing and are just so good for working out in!

Pink Soda Sport Logo Slim Jogging Pants // Joggers are my favourite thing in life. However, I do find it hard to find ones that are slim fit – but these do the job perfectly. They add that slight feminism to them rather than baggy and loose. So you look the part when working out which I think is such a good thought.

I love all the pieces together but I’m certainly sure you could style them with other pieces from the collection! I styled my outfit with my Adidas Originals Superstars which you know how much I love! They compliment each other o well!

What’s your favourite piece from Pink Soda Sport? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x