Soap&Glory | Christmas Collection Preview Event #GlamToTheWorld

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On Thursday I was lucky enough to attend the Soap&Glory Christmas Collection Preview for bloggers at The Botanist in Manchester. As I walked in it was so pink, honestly I felt like I had walked into heaven as you all know how much I love pink!!

It was such a Christmassy atmosphere like it was as though Christmas came early. I got introduced to all the new gift sets, the new colours and fragrances. There’s a whole new theme this year so much more pink as well as the glam.

During the event we got familiar with all the sets and new products. Took some super cute selfies with the sparkly santa hat’s and beards.

It was so lovely to meet Jess – JingleHeartTart and Rosy – Ro’s Tinted (check them out they’re super adorable!) these to lovely ladies are so talented and just so inspiring after the conversations we had I felt super inspired!

We then got served some gorgeous food I mean there was so much choice and the cocktails were so divine! – It was heaven guys!!

All the gifts are each individually unique. The packaging has to be my favourite, as I’m obsessed with using cute packaging for storage as its so adorable so I think I will be purchasing the sets just for the storage. Also, because its just so amazing really a variety of Soap&Glory products but so many of them I mean who wouldn’t one whether your gifting a friend or buying it for yourself I mean its a Christmas must have right?Another thing me and fellow bloggers discussed it’d be perfect for a secret santa as well.

My personal favourite has to be ‘Eyes Box’ and the ‘Well I’ll be glammed box‘ as I love eye make up its one my favourite aspects of make-up and they contain some of my all time favourite Soap&Glory products. Away from the make-up my other favourite is the ‘Gloss it girl’ it contains the hand food which I love also many other amazing products – but the glitter on the box is my initial favourite I love it!

The lovely Katie&Beth spoilt us with a super adorable goody bag! It contained some real goodies I cannot wait to try all the products inside and I shall surely let you know what I think of them.

What’s your favourite Soap&Glory Christmas product? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


*Balmi // Lip Balm

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Hey guyssssss.

I hope you are all well and as happy as me. Like seriously I’m just always so happy – I guess its all good then.

Guess what…I received the worlds cutest lip balm like seriously. I love it. A lot.

I have to say I’d always seen Balmi when I walked around in Boots. I did want to go pick it up but I never actually got round to doing because Batiste Dry Shampoo takes up all my attention in Boots – it really does.

So I got asked if I would like to review I was like hell yeah! I’m glad I did. I chose the Raspberry flavour as you can see – I’ve got to say it smells divine almost how a unicorn would smell and that is a pretty nice scent as you can imagine.

Since they day I got it, it’s the only thing I apply it lasts all day keeping my lips refreshed and hydrated – oh and smelling like unicorns. Its the whole package. Literally.

If you haven’t already got one get one because then we’ll be matching and we can all have sassy lips YAY!

What’s you favourite lip balm? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading lovely’s – stay sassy x


Prom // The Ultimate Prom Plan


Hello guys, I hope you all are doing very well.

Today I’ve decided to post about something I’ve been super excited about since I was little. If you haven’t guessed or read the title yet its…PROM!!

I just wanted to tell you how I’ve planned for my prom which is on the 3rd of July (its nearly here eeek)!! Since being as small as I remember I’ve LOVED the idea of prom. I have watched every single Disney Channel Movie and any other film that has a prom within over and over again as this is how much I’ve wanted to experience one. The idea of it being such a magical and fairy-tale like experience makes me so happy as I’ve always dreamed of it to be so spectacular. I literally cannot wait for prom, it will surely be a night to remember.

As you may imagine if you’ve had a prom or a family member who has experienced a prom its fairly expensive as: choosing the right dress, picking the perfect heels and matching the glamorous jewellery can all add up to a very large total. Over in the US its all so much more outrageous as people go all out to have the biggest dress and the flashiest cars.

Well I’ve got to say that their are many components to a perfect prom including hair, makeup and the dress – as I said it can add up to a large amount. However, prom is meant to be magical and spectacular and it can only happen on way if you go all out I’m guessing!? It has been said that “Both in the UK and US 15% of school leavers will spend over £300 and $300 on outfits”. This is one fact of many as My Voucher Codes have done this research to show the average prom spend by surveying young people.

If you want to check out the whole of the statistics and the prices of peoples proms you can check it out here on A girl’s world article.

In my opinion I can understand all this money spending for the perfect prom, but sometimes it does get quite extreme. I think as long as your happy and think its all suitable then your fine.

I’ve had a bumpy journey trying to find the perfect dress but it was all worth it in the end as I totally adore my dress. I’m not going to spill any details because I’ll be doing a whole post on what my hair, makeup and dress looks like after prom which will be posted the day after prom hopefully so that will be exciting.

I can’t tell you how excited I am guys EEEK!

What’s your ideal prom? Comment below.

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Girl behind the blog♥

P_20150516_140523 P_20150516_140559

How queen Kiran takes a seflife VS you.

Hi guys! – didn’t know what image to post so posted 2 selfies!! (sorry not sorry).

I hope you all are well and as bright as the weather this week.

Today, I’ve got something which is highly requested by you guys. You all don’t know me as well as you want to. I will enlighten you with a bunch of facts and things about myself.

I’m 16.

I am one of five siblings.

Kind of Disney obsessed.

I was born premature, I weighed 1lb (not many people know this shh.)

I love the colour pink.

I have 5 piercings (hope to get some more).

I have really good eye sight.

I know how to play the violin.

I’m a computer geek – I love code!

I had braces for 4 years.

I drink way too much tea.

I’m a little shy at first but once you know me god help you.

My five friends are the best group of friends I could ever ask for.

I’m quick at making decisions.

I love entertaining people.

I like to make people happy.

I am a polka dot lover.

I cannot draw.

My fringe can never have a gap.

My hair is really long.

I have never dyed my hair.

Batiste dry shampoo is my all time favourite.

My fashion icons are: Ella Eyre, Rita Ora, Pia Mia and Alexa Chung.

I don’t read books.

I don’t cry easily.

I could eat pasta&pizza all day long.

I want to visit Disneyland&New York.

I love Ribena’s pineapple and passion fruit&Coke.

I say ‘banta’ way too often.

I get told I’m funny.

I find my own jokes funny (I get that from my dad).

Get told I give good advice.

I never miss a episode of Hollyoaks or Geordie Shore.

I hate reading.

Making my blog is the best thing I ever did.

I’m not a girly girl.

I only own sports shoes.

I don’t eat fruit unless it’s pineapple.

I take quite a lot of selfies.

I’m not into sport at all.

When I was younger I wanted to be a hairdresser.

I love watching love films.

Miles Teller is my favourite actor.

I love Pinterest and Tumblr.

I take my earphones everywhere.

Jessie J is my favourite artist in the music industry.

Velvetgh0st is my favourite YouTuber and Blogger.

I could live wearing joggers.

I have a lot of black clothes.

I can burp really loud – like seriously loud.

I tweet quite a lot.

I like being called queen.

I take my earphones everywhere.

 I want to be a free runner or get some lessons in doing it.

As this will probably be my last post until I’ve completed all my exams I want to wish everyone else with exams good luck! Thanks so much for all the support via Twitter you guys are the best.

Tell me a fact about you? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


*Magnitone Lucid Skin Brush

IMG_9065 IMG_9066 IMG_9070 IMG_9074

Hey guys!

Its been a while and it seems like forever. So many of you have been asking how my revision is going, it’s going great thanks guys your support means the world to me.

On Thursday I received my Plush Pink Magnitone Lucid I literally was lost for words because I have always wanted one and Magnitone were kind enough to send me one. Everyone at Magnitone I love you and its a pleasure working with you!! Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine myself working with Magnitone buts it’s happened and I’m so grateful!

I started using this as soon as it arrived. I can surely say its working as I use my normal skincare routine on it – the same products as my skincare routine. Magnitone promises that you will see softer, brighter and clearer skin in just 7 days to give you the perfect canvas for applying your make up on and let me tell you guys this is so true!! My skin feels so much more hydrated and much softer than I’d think it to be.

I have always wanted to try a cleansing brush as its so much easier and more beneficial than using your hands. I am always very careful with my skin as it’s quite sensitive and my Magnitone hasn’t irritated in any way so I’m guessing its suitable for all skin types. The box contains the brush, a wireless travel charger and a warranty card (for 12 months.)

The packaging is super cute and to me I love seeing how companies portray themselves via their packaging. I nearly forgot to mention mine’s plush pink and eeek its adorable!!! Great for taking with you whilst travelling as its just the perfect size too.

Guys you can get 20% off with the discount code: Kiran20

The link is:

Also check Magnitone out at:

Do you use a cleansing brush if so which one? Comment below.

Thanks for reading guys – stay sassy x


*Kryptik Rose

Hey my beautiful readers!

How are you all? I’m hope your all good guys.

A few days a go, a beautiful t-shirt got sent to me – I fell in love instantly! As you guys know I love street fashion. Kryptik Rose are a brand which sell streetwear based in London. They sell super cute tees,hoodies and phone cases etc.

I got sent the “Unbreak my heart” Oversized t-shirt. Like I said I fell in love with it instantly. The material is lovely,but most of all it fits perfectly and looks super pretty. The design of it is really cool,the bright colours give it a real street vibe. I love it so much!

Guys go check out Kryptik Rose for some amazing clothing and accessories!!

Once you’ve checked their website comment below what you love.

Here a few pictures of the t-shirt and me!

Photo Credits to Ikra – Follow her instagram here.

IMG_8648 PicsArt_1425730594290 PicsArt_1425730989275IMG_8633

Thanks for reading guys I’ll see you soon – stay sassy x


*Spooky Eyes





I hope you all are having a good day.

So I got sent some coloured contact lenses from Spooky Eyes. They were the Colour Vision Pink Eye Contact Lenses (pair).

I’ve never wore contact lenses before so I was a little scared on wearing them. So,it was a little difficult to put the first one in but then the second one was much easier. I love the colour pink,so it was exciting having pink eyes. They looked so awesome on! They’d be good for a party to match your dress or for a Halloween costume they have some really awesome ones on the website check them out – Spooky Eyes!!





As always thanks for all the support.

I’ll see you soon – stay sassy x




A day spent shopping with me..

Hey lovelys!

I thought I’d do something different today..and do my shopping journey in pictures.

I spent my day today in The Trafford Centre. If you know me you’l know that I love shopping! So I decided to take my camera along and take pictures of clothes, shops and anything else I found interesting. I thought this will be something interesting and different for my blog as I haven’t done this before!

I hope you enjoy looking at what I got up to!





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image-c8fc01929412a895806c0e7b4b23339229b8b6a5ef29422b252e561e47589a7c-V image-cfe55716a626181dfc235b4f168352bacda680cd78ad99bda50ff9011b89ff75-V


If you enjoyed this post let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to take more pictures on little trips and when I go shopping.

Thanks for reading as always.

Also,thanks for all the support I appreciate it.

See you soon lovelys – stay sassy x


Blogmas [day 20] // Winter Favourites

Winter Favourites.

Hey lovelys. I hope your weekend is going well. Christmas is nearly here!!

5 days until Christmas!

Today I decided to let you all know what I’ve been loving this winter/Christmas.

All the things featured I purchased in-store but luckily I found websites were you can purchase everything.

1. Lipsy tartan body bag. I’ve had this bag quite a while it’s a perfect size for me with the little bits and bobs I take around with me. I love tartan print and the colour navy hence why I bought it.

2. Vans sk8 hi animal print. I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them. They have a really nice fit as they’re slim and are so comfy. The colours are so gorgeous together.

3. Batiste dry shampoo. This adds so much volume to my hair leaving it looking so soft and smooth.

4. Grace Cole body spritz. Chantal loves this. She recommended this – it smells absolutely gorgeous.

5. Maybeline 14hr super stay lipstick. This lipstick is my number one essential. I wear it so much its unbelievable. I love it. The matte finish is beautiful. I recommend it.

6. Curls. I have been curling my hair a lot lately. I think they look so nice in winter. As if your hair is straight the wind blows it so it then looks frizzy. However,with curls they stay in place leaving you looking your best all day.

Winter Favourites.

Winter Favourites.

 Thank you for reading enjoy you weekend.

I’ll see you tomorrow I love you all.

Stay sassy x