VIP launch of the new contemporary studio | Selfridges

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Last Friday I got invited to Selfridges VIP launch event of their new contemporary studio at The Manchester Exchange store. On arrival we were greeted and told to up to floor 3 were the studio had been launched! Trembling with excitement, it was like walking into a party pink and white balloons everywhere, DJ flowing with the tunes and the most creative drinks with sparklers coming out of them. I mean could it get any better?? YES it did indeed.

The studio it self has been transformed completely I do love it, it was a bit dark because the event was held in the evening but it didn’t stop the fact of us seeing how amazing the set up was as well as the brands. There is such a variety from Kenzo, Moschino and Aaape by Bape. They even have Topshop, which I love all my favourite places all in one! I mean it can’t get any easier for us shopaholics!

There was lots of other bloggers and the event and it was lovely to meet everyone! Another awesome aspect of the event was a GIF booth I mean it was so cool  loved making one!

So if you are down in Manchester or even live in Manchester do go down and take a look a their new studio I promise you won’t be disappointed its filled with bundles of fashion trends!

What is your favourite brand to shop at the minute? Comment below.

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Selfridges X Everybody Beauty Event♡

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Last week I was invited down to Selfridges at the Trafford Centre for the Everybody’s Beauty Event. This was to celebrate the beauty of difference with an evening of festivities, pampering beauty experiences, complimentary drinks and special treats from brands we all love. As well as 15-minute beauty fixes across all counters.

As soon as I walked in it consisted of such a fun and filled atmosphere. I waked around in a circle stopping off at all of my favourite brands. I first stopped at Clarins where the lovely ladies showed me what was best to use on my skin type which was so helpful. I then stopped at Jo Malone where I got a complimentary hand massage. Then my favourite couple of stops were the beauty counters Urban Decay, MAC, Illamasqua and Charlotte Tilbury. I took a look at the Alice in wonderland looking through the glass pallete and honestly I couldn’t want anything more its such a pretty pallete.

The DJ was mixing some great tunes whilst the dancers just outside were performing a routine which was so beautiful (It made me wish I could dance). Drinks and mocktails were being offered and I had to grab myself one! Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves as they were getting complimentary treatments and tips on tricks on any beauty they deemed suitable for themselves.

 I got introduced to TruBe at the event. TruBe is a personal training app, however it is tailored to what your concerns are. They were in store during the event offering guests of the event, 10 minute nutrition and fitness consultation. I went over and met the 2 lovely representatives who told me more on TruBe and what it consisted of. It’s similar to Uber however you select a time and place for your workout then a type of workout such as kickboxing or yoga. Your then able to select your trainer, and get fit! I mean its as simple as that! I will be doing another post on TruBe soon giving you more information so keep an eye out!
I enjoyed all the complimentary treatments, advice on beauty for my skin and a look into what is new in at SelfridgesSelfridges always have events and other amazing in-store activities so keep an eye out for the next ones!
What do you love about beauty? Comment below.
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Barbour Fragrance launch at Selfridges!

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On Saturday the 27th of February I got invited to come down to the Trafford centre for the launch of the fist ever fragrances by Barbour in Selfridges. This event totally was something I couldn’t afford to miss!

Once I arrived at Selfridges I met the illustrator and the event staff they were all so lovely and were excited as me for these fragrances to be launched!

This is the first set of fragrances Barbour have launched. They’ve launched two one for men and on for women. One of my favourite aspects of the fragrances is that they both have such well thought out packaging which is so pleasing because packaging is such a big deal for me.

The women’s fragrance consists of an elegant blend of rose jasmine and blush peony complemented by a heart of sweet vanilla musk and rich notes of vetivar. The men’s fragrance consists of a sophisticated aromatic fragrance bursting with bitter grapefruit and spicy woods, drifting on to a heart of patchouli, amber,tonka, beans and musk. The scent for both is such a subtle scent which isn’t too strong but strong enough for you to know you smell lovely and it definitely lasts longer than you’ll think.

You can get the mens fragrance here which is exclusive to Selfridges.

You can also get the womens fragrance here which is again exclusive to Selfridges.

I also had the chance to get illustrated by the lovely Joanna. It’s such a special illustration which I can cherish she’s so talented!

It was so lovely to find out so much more about Barbour that I didn’t know. At the end of the event I received a goody bag which had both the fragrances and a Barbour scarf which I love it’s such a pretty accessory.

What’s your favourite fragrance? Comment below.

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Beauty Personal Shopper at Selfridges♡



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Hey everyone!

I told you I had a few exciting posts coming up and this was one of them!!

On Saturday, yes my birthday I was lucky enough to get invited by Charlotte Ingram to explore the new beauty personal shopper over at Selfridges in Manchester. This was amazing to discover especially a luxury start to my birthday! This was in a small secret room behind all the various beauty counters which was so luxurious I mean everything from the decor to the layout was so well put together.

Charlotte is the personal shopper who runs this service. She can give you specific advice for make up as well as skin care. Charlotte also makes you feel as though your at home, she’s so friendly and you can easily ask her questions.  This service is complimentary and it’s something for everyone to try. Charlotte also showed me her favourite products and I can honestly say I fell in love with them too!!

I know how hard it can be finding the correct beauty product perfect for your skin, for teenagers like me I think this service allows you to get what you specifically need. Charlotte also mentioned about the many different people who want the latest products, men who are Christmas shopping for girlfriends and family who need a little guidance.

Also, there is no minimum spend if you don’t want to purchase anything you don’t have to as well as the service being free. To get the best for your skin as well as amazing service book with Charlotte at the beauty personal shopper now!

Contact Charlotte for bookings by ringing 0161 838 0610

Do you want the latest products before anyone else you can also contact Charlotte for them too!