Skincare products that I’ve been loving!


Swollen tonsils, exam stress and life leaves you with awful skin I don’t know if that’s just me. However all these factors led me to consolidating some of my favourite skincare products. All these products work wonders no matter what my skin is going through. I haven’t blogged in a week and I’m sorry but being Ill is the worst 😦 I’M BACK and a little better. So why not share with you some of my favourites right now!

T Zone Clear Out Nose Pore Strips –  After seeing so many other bloggers rave about these I hopped on the bandwagon and now I know why! They’re so good to get rid of blackheads and dead skin on your nose. They’re so easy to apply and are good for all skin types as I have quite sensitive skin too.

Body Shop Seaweed Clay Mask –  I’ve always loved body shop face masks and they’re the ones I continue to use, I mean you just cannot go wrong I love this seaweed one it works amazingly! It leaves my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated, I really want to try the charcoal one too have you tried it?

Bee Good Cream Cleanser –  Another one of my favourite products is this cream cleanser which I need to repurchase asap. It is perfect for when my skin breaks out. Its so soothing to apply and washes off leaving my skin feeling 10x better than it originally was.

*Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream –  I love this facial cream its perfect to apply before applying make up and after you’ve took your make up off. It’s the perfect shield for your skin. Leaving it feeling refreshed for a whole 24hrs without a doubt. It’s easily absorbed and is compatible with all skin types too.

*Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser –  I love taking my make up off with this facial cleanser as it is one of the best facial washes I’ve used it leaves my skin feeling so soft and glowing. You only need the tiniest amount too and it works the same whereas other products you do need quite a bit.

What skincare products are you loving? Comment below.

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Holy Grail Skincare Products!

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I literally haven’t this much of a hectic couple of months in forever. I finally think I’ve settled. I’m trying to get back into a schedule for my blog posts and they’ll be back to getting uploaded on a Saturday (fingers crossed). As I’ve been seeing such a difference in my skin I thought I’d updated you with what my holy grail skincare products are.

*MTV Staying Alive Ultra Facial Cream – Kiehls. I’ve nearly hit rock bottom of this and I couldn’t be more upset because I don’t know how I ever survived without this. I mean without make-up this keeps my skin feeling hydrated as well as absorbing really easily which I think not many moisturizes do.

Lip Balm – Balmi. I’ve got so many lip balms that I’m spoilt for choice. But I do love love my balmi primarily because it’s cherry but handbag friendly and I couldn’t go a day without it.

Cream Cleanser – Bee Good. I cannot recommend this to anyone with dry skin enough. It has such a powerful change I mean my skin was feeling horrid and a week of this cleanser it was brought back to life leaving it with a fresh feeling and finish.

Garnier Micellar Water – Superdrug. Again, as this has now emptied I realised how much I need it. Correcting my eyeliner wings wouldn’t work without this it works so much better than make-up wipes as well as eye make-up at the end of the night it’s the quickest and easiest way as we all just want to crawl into bed(it’s a win win, I promise.)

Seaweed clarifying toner – The Body Shop. I rediscovered this and honestly I forget how much I love it. It’s perfect to cleanse your face after a face scrub or a cleanser.

Plush Pink Skin Brush – Magnitone.  – I rediscovered my one love again and haven’t stopped using it since and it’s my magnitone. I recommend a skin brush to anyone it’s a perfect way to cleanse your face rather than your hands I promise you, you’ll never regret it. It’s so much easier and convenient.

What is your holy grail skincare product? Comment below.

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Updated Skincare Routine | 2016♡

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As highly requested from all you lovely readers I’ve decided to upload an updated skincare routine. As through my good days and bad days my skin has massively improved from frequent breakouts to hardly any! As I started to  notice my skin was frequently breaking out I knew I had to try and fix it, so I decided to think about what I could do not just by using products but also taking a look into my lifestyle – which honestly plays a large part in this!

I hardly used to drink any water and have quite a lot of sugar which clearly didn’t balance out. So without a thought I stopped having sugar and started drinking plenty more water to clear out all the toxins and allowing the inside of my body to be much more hydrated and healthy. At first you may think Kiran are you crazy? No sugar..but honestly it’s the best thing I’ve ever done! Now onto the products which have helped my skin stay smooth, less oily and hydrated! I try not to use products on my skin everyday as personally I think every couple of days is much more effective as the use of products consistently can also have a negative impact on your skin.

Cream Cleanser – Bee Good. I have used this cleanser for a quite a while now mainly because it’s a good consistency and absorbs into my skin easily without irritating it as I have quite sensitive skin but I don’t use this on a day to day basis but every other day. It leaves my skin looking and feeling fresh.

Clear out face pore strips – T Zone. I purchased these strips last month and once I had used them it made me think where have you been all my life? As these strips allow your blackheads to be removed as well as any oil instantly.  They’re easy to use give incredible results in a small space of time.

Nugg Beauty face masks – Selfridges.  Both the exfoliating face mask and the deep cleansing face mask they both provide my skin with 2 different services which are both as important. Any redness is removed by the deep cleansing face mask and the exfoliating face mask hydrates the skin immensely. Again, I don’t use face masks as frequently as I use the cream cleanser I prefer to apply a face mask a month if my skin isn’t too bad if it is I apply a face mask twice a month!

Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask – Lush. Another face mask I have been alternating between is this one from Lush which I think is a perfect match for my skin. Containing blueberries, calamine and chamomile, rose, and almond oils to soothe and soften the skin this contains vitamins as it contains wholesome blueberries which is why I think it’s great!

Strawberry body butter – The Body Shop. This is perfect if you have normal dry skin as it moisturizes perfectly and doesn’t feel heavy at all it’s quickly absorbed and long lasting which I love!


What is your current skincare routine? Comment below.

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Nugg Beauty Face Masks♥

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Hey guys!

My holidays have officially begun and with them starting I need to relax and de-stress right? Well Selfridges have now welcomed Nugg Beauty into their store, which I couldn’t be happier about. Nugg Beauty provide top quality skin treatments with their single on the go serve pods. The face masks come in 7 different types each for a different need. From the 2 I tried which were the exfoliating face mask and the deep cleansing face mask, I loved how the exfoliating one felt as I felt it lifted my skin leaving it ultra fresh and hydrated.

The pods do contain quite a lot of product which primarily I wouldn’t use all at once I’d probably get two masks out of it. However, once I applied it the scent was lovely and subtle. Once I had left it on for about 5 minutes I rinsed it off and as I mentioned before it left my skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

Selfridges now has selections of multi-packs of the different varieties of masks which you can purchase for £16.50. It’s perfect if you love face masks and there’s so much choice!

What’s your favourite type of face mask? Comment below.

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