*Soap and Glory Glam-Tidings 2017!

I’ve purposely waited until November to do this post because I don’t want to be too early. It’s that time of year where shops start to be getting out their gifting tables and filling catalogues with gift guides.

One of the best brands that do Christmas gift sets as you may have already probably noticed are Soap and Glory!

Their range this year is suitable for everyone and it ranges from bath products to make up as well as skin care.

I was lucky enough to receive the Soap and Glory Try your luxe gift set and I honestly would love this as a gift. It has the famous righteous butter as well as the gloss sticks which if you know I’M OBSESSED WITH!

I also am loving these products from their range –

Soap & Glory Winter Wonder Glam Gift set – With all your essentials from the Soap & Glory make up line you can’t go wrong with this gift set. You have such a wide selection of products so it’s a super versatile gift set – perfect for any make-up lover. I love the eyeshadows they’re so pigmented and lovely A/W colours.

Soap & Glory Glow Maintenance – If your obsessed with skin care or know somebody who is this gift set is made for them. Personally I love that it comes with a bag so it can be used for make up or your favourite products. The Soap & Glory face masks are so great and so hydrating for your skin.

Soap & Glory Wash Upon A Star – Finally I love these creamy shower gel pods in all different scents it’s something new they’ve bought out and if you love Soap and glory I’m sure you’ll love these.

Whats your favourite Soap & Glory product? Comment below.

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*Fabulous in a flash with Soap and Glory!

I’ve been so excited to publish this post because you all know how much I love Soap and Glory. You can be fabulous in a flash with these three items! From the 12th of April till the 9th of May you get them FREE when you spend £14 in a single transaction on any Soap and Glory cosmetics in a Boots stores. (But it’s so east yo spend £14 so you’ve got nothing to worry about!)

Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme Plump – I love Soap and Glory’s sexy mother puckers because honestly on top of any matte lipstick or liquid lipstick it’s perfect to add that plump and not just for it to be matte but nice and glossy!

Thick & Fast HD Mascara – I’ve personally never tried this mascara but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it so I’m so excited to finally get to try it! The name gets me excited I mean you cannot go wrong with it as it applies that volume and adds length definition and DRAMA!

Supercat Black Eyeliner Pen – Finally the Supercat eyeliner is one of my all time favourite eyeliners for getting that perfect flick so I’m so excited to start using this again. It can go either two ways a fine point for a natural look or a thick edge for a dramatic look I mean it’s a winner either way am I right?

What cosmetics are you loving? Comment below.

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Soap & Glory Campus Tour #GlamOnBoard #SoaperSquad

img_0570img_0536 img_0537 img_0542 img_0547 img_0549 img_0550 img_0553 img_0554 img_0556 img_0559 img_0564


If you’re a lover of either a lover of pink or pampering yourself stay tuned.

Soap and Glory  have been travelling in this pink double-decker bus around universities near you! The soap and glory girls have been filling the air with their fab fragrances, glitter tattoos & make overs!

I went down to The University of Manchester and outside the student union I spotted the bus I mean how couldn’t you spot it! I was greeted by the lovely girls and given PINK popcorn – was this heaven? My sister also came along as she’s a student at the university and we both got glitter tattoos. I mean it was so hard to decide which one I wanted.

As we headed upstairs the were make overs going on for the lovely students getting their hair braided and a soap and glory cosmetics make-up look. Later on there were competitions going on to win some soaper prizes!! As well as a dance masterclass from the talented Theio Maddix!

The Soap&Glory bus will next be heading to

  • Reading on the 24th October
  • Birmingham 25th October
  • Exeter 26th October
  • UWE 27th October
  • Plymouth 28th October
  • Bournemouth 31st October

Don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity! Get yourself down there!

I also have been loving the Soap&Glory Glitzmas Collection get your hands on it now in-store Boots. It’s perfect for gift for your friends as well as family – Christmas couldn’t come quicker!!

#GlamOnBoard #SoaperSquad

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*Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lipsticks!

IMAG3613 IMAG3612 IMAG3599 IMAG3597 IMAG3579

As you may or may not know Soap&Glory released a range of sexy mother pucker lipsticks including satin, matte and shine lipsticks. I kindly got sen a couple of the matte lipsticks which I’ve been super excited to try! There is literally a shade for everyone whether you prefer nudes, pinks or even deep reds. All the colours are super pretty and have something for everyone and can be worn no matter what the season!

The shades I have are:

Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lipstick [Super Nude] // I love this shade as its super soft toned, which is perfect when you want a subtle look but have something on your lips which isn’t too loud. This will be perfect for casual days, or days where I just want a natural sort of look.

Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lipstick [Pommiegirl] // This has to be my favourite shade it’s just slightly darker than a normal pink which I love the look of on me. I can see me wearing this a lot as its perfect for spring/summer for any make-up look whether that’s a natural one or even an all out eye and lip look.

Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lipstick [Fuchsia Proof] // I do love my pink shades and I think this will be good for them bold make-up looks this summer which I will be trying out so I cannot wait to see the outcome of this.

As you’ve seen in the images above I’ve added a couple of other make-up products which I think would compliment all these lipsticks so well. As the Infallible Foundation – Boots is such a great long-lasting foundation which again is matte which would compliment the lipsticks so well. The Waterproof Mascara – French Connection is so good at lengthening my lashes instantly making them look longer without clumping which is key for me. The Multi Blush – Soap&Glory is such a good mix of colours which are perfect to compliment any shade of the lipsticks. The Maybeline Master Precise Liquid Liner  is my go to eye liner, such easy application allowing you to gain that perfect flick. Finally the Ray of Sunshine – Medium Dark is a matte-finish bronzer which again compliments the foundation and the lipsticks to create that perfect soft look.

Whats your go to lipstick this summer? Comment below.

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