What I got for my 18th Birthday!

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On Monday I tuned 18, if you know me you’ll know how much I love birthday’s! I had been waiting on this day forever. Once it finally arrived I couldn’t have been any happier than I was.

My birthday fell on a Monday meaning I had to go to college, which I wasn’t to keen on but once I walked there was birthday banners and a balloon I had the biggest smile, I honestly couldn’t be more thankful to my lovely bunch of friends.

The first presents of the day were of my one and only fav Hemisha, I was so excited to get opening the many presents she’d wrapped in rose gold wrapping paper it was so pretty! Hemisha got me a Rose Gold Scrapbook, a Silver Bracelet with my initials on, bath bomb  and a White Polaroid Camera!!! I was SO happy I’ve wanted one forever – hem you know me to well! Thank you ever so much. Thank you Brogan and Josh for the lovely cake and card as well as Zayn for the card too! Leon & Sarah the absolute gems got me ankle socks with unicorns on I mean I love unicorns so that made my day – thank you guys!

Then once dinner was in play they walked out with this massive chocolate cake and the whole college was singing happy birthday I mean how crazy I was so embarrassed but I love my college family they’re the absolute best!

As the college day came to an end, I got home and on the dining table was lots of presents, the main one which caught my eye was a rose gold Iphone 7 I mean I can’t remember the last time my heart skipped a beat. I was so shocked because I really didn’t expect it all. Thank you mum & dad I’m so grateful.

In the evening, all my family and relatives came over and I was truly spoilt being showered in gifts and pounds. Off my favourite cousin I got the Soap & Glory pink pamper set with Thorntons white chocolate smileys! Thank you so much. Off my aunty and uncle I got a Pandora ring with my birthstone – which is so so pretty! My birth stone is pale pink so they know me well – Thank you! Thanks to Jamila and her family for the bunch of roses they are so beautiful as well as the balloon! Not to mention I got so much chocolate that I have enough for a lifetime!

Another one of my aunty’s and uncle got me Hugo Boss for women with a bunch of chocolates (not good for my diet but a good treat aha!) Thank you ever so much! I also got a Sanctuary Spa body wash set and a 18 mug which is perfect for a hot chocolate as well as a Lady Gaga perfume set which smells insane. I was also lucky to get a Swaroski necklace from another aunty and a necklace set from my other aunty aswell.My little sister got me a mug with my initials on again which I cannot wait to use and take pictures off! I got a bunch of make-up, a dress which is SO pretty and an Skinny Dip case for my new phone too. A big thanks to all my family and friends for all the cards, presents and wishes. I could include everything but I’m so grateful to everyone who made my day special. I love you all ever so much!

I literally had the best 18th birthday thank you everyone as well as my followers.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got for my birthday!

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


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