Exploring London | 18/08/2016

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This time last week I was out in the sun exploring London and honestly it was the best couple of days. So I thought I’d do a post sharing what I got up to. So me and my family got on the train and headed to London. Once we arrived in London went to go find our hotel. The hotel we stayed at was the Aloft Hotel  next door to the Excel. The hotel was so pretty I mean at night it was my favourite as the lights reflected into the river.

Over the 3 days, we explored so many sights (as us tourists do)! M&M world is a place I’d recommend you visit I mean it is literally heaven. I loved exploring Sky Sports HQ, I mean you wouldn’t expect it to be as fascinating as it was. The Emirates airline was another one of my favourites as well as the London Eye, it looks so cool from a bird’s eye view. I enjoyed my little trip to London and can’t wait to go back towards then end of September! I hope you enjoy looking at the selection of pictures it was so hard to cut it down to only a couple (I have way too many!)

If you’ve been to London, what’s your favourite thing about it/place to visit? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stays sassy x


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