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I had to do something to escape the thought of tomorrow with the tensions running high. Last week on Thursday I got invited to the launch of event of the new Swatch store in the Manchester Arndale. 

The store is situated near River Island and Topshop. It was a bright and early event with a breakfast too, which was definitely getting out of bed for!

I mean if your walking around the Arndale you cannot miss it, it’s most definitely the colourful store there! We got to look at the large variety of watches Swatch have I mean there’s something for everyone no matter what your age or your preference.

We were all lucky enough to receive a sneak peak of their A/W collection which I must say looks fabulous! The creativity behind all these watches is what is great I mean there’s so much attention to detail it’s unreal.

They also do sun glasses with various different designs and shapes, you can switch lenses and frames which I thought was quite cool to match all your outfits which is perfect for us fashion lovers right?

Kindly enough I received my own Swatch which I love! It’s the Silver Glam  this is such a cool watch I mean as I mentioned about the detail, the detail on this is insane I mean it’s just so pretty!

Thanks to Swatch for such a good event and insight to their brand!

What’s your ideal watch? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x



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