Blogmas day 20//December – I love it, I want it!


Hey guys!

The countdown now gets exciting because there’s only 5 days until Christmas! 5!!! It’s the time of the month were I showcase to you what I really love and want and unfortunately this is the last one because in January I want to start another series of monthly posts which will be new and innovative –  so look out for that eek.

1.Slim Pocket Coat – Topshop. This coat is slimline which I love. During December I have been loving the simple and layered look and as I think with this coat the look would be complete.

2.LongTee – H&M. Baggy long tees are just the best to lounge around the house in and if your a blogger its perfect for a lazy blogging day so its essential especially for Christmas time to stay snug and warm.

3.Flecked Jacket – Mango. I think this cardigan is so simple but yet would look flattering over a blouse or smart shirt.

4.Grey Simple Dress – Zara. Again, going with the simple theme this would look super cute with a pair of boots and a waist coat or faux fur jacket.

5.Sleeve Shirt – New Look. Sleeve shirts are a item which I love and could but consistently because you can never run out of ways to style them.

6.Jamie Jeans – Topshop. Recently I have been loving blue jeans ans what better jeans are there than topshop jeans none right?

7.Retro Playsuit  – River Island. I fell in love with this. I saw this in store and oh my god this would be perfect for a Christmas/NYE party.

8.Multi Rip Grey Jean – Miss Selfridge. Again, ripped jeans I’ve been loving and this charcoal grey colour is flawless.

9.Classic Slip Ons – Vans. I have worn my check-board slip on vans to death and honestly I’d love a new pair and what better ones than the all black slip ones. I need them ASAP.

10.Metal Trim Clutch – River Island. This would just compliment any party dress or play-suit and is perfect to carry your minimal party items this Christmas/NYE.

11.Studded Heals – New Look. Finally these studded heals will allow you to look taller and honestly its the lacing that I love.

What fashion are you loving this Christmas? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x




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