Boxing Day Bargains!|2015


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Hey everyone!

I hope you had an amazing Christmas&boxing day! (I know I did!)

As on boxing day I went on a little shopping spree as well as yesterday I popped into Manchester. I picked up a few things so I thought I’d share what I purchased with you guys. Enjoy!

Back Textured Blazer – Next. I decided to pick this up and I wasn’t really sure at first then I tried it on and quite liked the look of it on and I think I will get quite a lot of wear out of it as it will compliment high waisted jean as well as trousers really well. It also reminded me of the long boyfriend coats which are quite in trend and I think it will be really fun to style plus for £16 you can’t go wrong right?

Mid-Blue Leigh Jeans – Topshop. I just had to include these even though I bought them full price for me they’re a bargain because they’re the comfiest of jeans and just are all round great!

Lace Up Leather Brogues – Next. I was in serious need of a new pair of shoes and since I left school I haven’t bought a versatile pair of shoes for college and so I picked these up. I love the the comfort of brogues as well as how they look. Cannot wait to get back into wearing them.

Basic Striped Crop Tee – ZARA. Finally, yesterday I popped into Zara and saw this and I’ve not bought anything stripey in quite a while so I thought why not? Plus with my new high waisted jeans I think it’d make a perfect outfit.

What bargains did you grab this boxing day? Comment below?.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x



3 Easy Halloween Looks!

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Hey guys!

As Halloween is soon approaching I thought I’d do a post on some easy looks. These are really quick and suitable for everyone I love them because they look super adorable and are so fun to do! For all these looks I will link all the products I used. For all the looks the foundation is the same as well as they eye make up so you can do whichever look simply just after doing the first step!

1. Bruised Zombie Look – 

This bruised zombie look is super easy to do. Just do your foundation as normal then add a few dots of eye liner on your face but lightly then blend this with a blush brush giving you a bruised effect. Next do your eye shadow nice and dark and don’t forget to wing that eye liner as well as add kohl eyeliner into your water line giving your eyes a super dark tone. Then with a super thin lip brush apply some red lipstick to it and then draw a crack like line down the side of your face. To finish the look apply some lipstick onto your lips to bring out your eye make up making you look extra scary!


2. Cute Cat Look – 

Again same with the foundation and eye make up for this look too. Then using the liquid pen liner colour in the top of your nose. For the whiskers make sure your kohl eye liner is sharp and draw 3 whiskers on each side with three dots next to them. Apply the colour rush lip balm to give it that cute pink effect!


3. Spiderweb Eye Look –

For the final look same again for the foundation and eyes. Next using the pen liquid liner draw a spider web around your eye I decided to do mine on the end as I have a full fringe but if you don’t you can go all the way round which would look dope too. Then apply your lipstick so its really dark complimenting your eyes and spider web perfectly!


I hope you enjoyed this post!

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


Turning 17!



I hope your all smiling and in good health.

As you may or may not know yesterday was my birthday – I turned 17. YES 17. I mean where have 17 years of my life gone. Its always a little bit scary knowing your a year older or if your me your just so happy its your birthday I mean I love my birthday more than anything and I don’t even know why?

I thought it’d be a good idea just to put 20 things I’d like to do before turning 18. As this would be amazing to look back and reflect on all the things I’ve done.

Also I have some very exciting blog posts coming soon so keep an eye out!

Start eating healthy and exercising often.

Go to one of the largest music festivals.

Get a job.

Go to Dubai.

Own a selection of high end make-up and cosmetics.

Get a change in hairstyle&colour.

Learn how to cook successfully.

Camp under the stars.

Attend exciting blogger events and meet other bloggers.

Start driving lessons.

See The Weeknd&Jessie J in concert.

Visit Disneyland.

Throw a massive party.

Take a road trip.

Get another piercing.

Start writing a diary.

Find a bae.

Get a place in university.

Officially start my YouTube channel.

Find new people, who I can be friends with forever.

That’s 20 things. Wow. I’m hoping to tick as many of these off as I can before I do turn 18.

What’s something you really want to do? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


Eid // Get ready with me♥

Hey everyone.

I hope you all are well.

On Thursday it was Eid. To everyone who celebrated Eid I hope you had a lovely day! As I promised on Twitter I said I’d do a get ready with me. This is both for Thursday and Friday. As there are 2 days of Eid. I’ve got two outfits to show you as well as two make up looks; you really are in for a treat guys!!

Outfit&Look 1:

PicMonkey Collage


Pink and White Asian Attire – Sai Fashions. //  For this Eid my mum surprised me with this outfit and honestly I couldn’t have been happier. I loved the simplicity of this attire it looked so good on and complimented my figure so well. When it comes to Asian Attire I leave my mum to do the deciding and to be fair she does know best – I loved my outfit! (Thanks Mum). My mum bought this in store at Sai Fashions in Manchester.

Silver Metalic Strap Sandals – Debenhams // I wore my prom shoes with this outfit as they matched perfectly and I didn’t really want to buy a new pair as I knew I wouldn’t wear them again.

Silver Accessories –  Claire’s. // My earings and bracelets I bought matching and were just very simple complimenting the outfit perfectly.


For my make up look I went for a soft eye shadow and quite a bronze glow with a bright pink lip. I thought this was such a subtle but bright look and it matched lovely with my outfit.




PicsArt_1443282396148 (2)

Outfit&Look 2: 



Green and Pink Asian Attire – Bela Fashions. // This attire I chose when I went shopping with my mum and I just loved the print and I don’t have attire this colour so I thought it’d be good to try something new. I’ve linked a website where you can purchase attire like this as I bought this in store.

Black Pointy Heels –  ASOS. // For my heels I just bought a standard pair of heels which were a shiny black. These I’m sure I can style with a pair of jeans too so they are perfect for both situations.

Silver Accessories –  Lisa Angel. // For jewellery I wore my accessories from Lisa Angel which I totally love.


For this make up look I went with just eyeliner and again a bronze glow with a bright pink lip. I love having dark eyes with a bright lip as I just thought the black eye liner would compliment my outfit so well and it really did.





I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing what I wore. If you want more posts like this let me know in the comments.

What’s your favourite lipstick? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


Quick&Easy Hairstyles!


Hey guys!

I hope your all well, and that you are enjoying your weekend.

Today I’ve got for you a post I’ve not don’t before which is quick and easy hairstyles. I love having my hair looking different because it’s quite long I hate always having it down.

So if your hair is like mine maybe this can help I’ve got 3 different hair styles which I’ve been wearing a lot. All take less than 5 minutes to do which is perfect for if you are at college or school even work it looks like you’ve taken time and effort when really it’s just super quick and you still look flawless.

1// Messy bun – I love having my hair up in a bun especially when it’s that cute but messy style it just looks so natural yet makes your hair look really stylish as well as out of the way as it’s either pinned with super adorable accessories or the average bobby pins like mine. Like I said to accessorize you can add cute pins or bows which adds that extra sparkle to your whole look.

2// High ponytail with hair wrap – This is one of my favourite hair styles. Having my hair up in a high pony tail is a norm but with the hair wrapped round it’s even better because it looks so damn cool like seriously especially if you have long hair it’s quite easy to hide using a bobby pin. The simplicity of this hair style is what makes me love it.

3// Half bun half down – Last but not least this has to be my favourite quick and easy hair style I mean it looks so pretty whether you have short or long hair. Personally I love how it looks on Zoella her hair is the perfect length and her just always look stunning like this. Honestly I mean if Zoe can rock this hair style so can we. Try this out on your hair you’ll instantly fall in love.

With all these hair styles once you’ve done them just pull little sections of hair out from here and there to perfect it to how you want and bam you’ll look as beautiful as ever with the cutest hairstyles.

What’s your favourite hair style? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


Outfit of the day // Autumnal antics




Hey guys!

I hope you are all good. I have been loving this autumn outfit lately. So I thought I’d share it with you guys.

Qed London Check Shirt – Tkmaxx I walked into TKmaxx and this was right upfront I grabbed it as soon as I saw it. It was just a splash of autumn colours – it was all round perfection. I bought it in a bigger size as I liked the flow of it.

White t-shirt – Primark. This is just a versatile piece for everyone’s wardrobe. I love this style rather than wearing the flannel buttoned up. So this white t-shirt adds perfect but subtle colour.

Denim Leggings – Next. I wore these in my last outfit of the day and honestly they’re again the perfect colour for autumn. Personally I could live in these they’re so comfy.

Brown ankle shoes – Blonde + Blonde I love these shoes as instead of wearing trainers I’ve been wearing these. They’re such a lovely colour and again perfect for autumn.

Blue bandana – Claires I bought this as I really love how Pia Mia looks with it on. I tried it and it looked pretty cool so I bought it, it also matched the outfit perfectly and styled it up really well.

All round I think this is perfect for autumn and is so easy to style up and down.

What’s your favourite colour to wear this autumn? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


August – I love it, I want it!



Yes you’ve guessed it, it’s the time of the month were I do my monthly I love it, I want it!

Here goes!!!

1.Athletic Tee – PINK. I think this tee is super cute. I mean its just the nicest merlot colour and the quote is relatable. Perfect for just lounging around in or potentially wearing to college too!

2.Brooklyn Jogger – Gap. On my shopping trip to Chester I saw these in store and honestly I just wanted them so bad. They’re the comfiest material ever I mean if you have the chance to go in Gap do go check these out they’re adorable. This type of grey colour I’m loving at the moment too!

3.Maroon Sweatshirt – PINK. Again I’m loving all shades of maroon for A/W. This just looks super stylish and easy to dress up aswell as to lounge in too.

4.Billionaire Girls Club – Selfridges. I’ve seen these for males then I came across this and I was like I so need one. I really do love the bold orange/coral colour it compliments the blue really well. I think sweatshirts are so versatile especially for A/W.

5.Floral Print Shirt – River Island. As you all know I’m a big fan of printed shirts this reminds me of the Ted Baker ones but less bold as I think this one is more subtle which I think you could pull of in weather like this which is rainy but sunny – so its perfect.

6.90’s Style Dungarees – ASOS. I didn’t know whether to include these or not because I’ve never bought any however I am contemplating whether to purchase them or not. I meant they’d be perfect again for A/W but could I pull them off??

7.Ashley Bag Marc B – Topshop. I really liked the shape of this bag as it wasn’t the box kind off style as I’ve been seeing lately which I’m not to keen on, but I do really like this. It’s just the perfect size and shape for a handbag.

8.Lace Skater Dress – Missguided. I have been obsessed with skater dresses lately. I mean they’re not your typical clothing for A/W but it’d be perfect for a meal and easy to dress up or down which I love. I need this like ASAP!

9.RI Pompom Purse – ASOS. This was just a burst of colour for me. I mean you always have a dark handbag (or not) but I thought it’d be good to have a bright and bold purse. I really like the colour scheme for this and oh I adore the pom pom it reminds me of unicorns seriously..

10.Daisy Print Timberlands – Office. I think this is my favourite item this month. I saw these and instantly fell in love I mean who doesn’t love the cutest things I’m sucker for cute and adorable clothing/shoes. They’re in the perfect blue shade with daisies who can’t love these??

11.Black Mono Converse – Office. I think these are a wardrobe staple like honestly you could wear them with anything and everything. They’re just so versatile for every outfit and are soo comfy.

What are your I love it, I want it’s this month? Comment Below.

Thanks so much for reading – stay sassy x


Preparing for college…♥


Hey guys!

I thought as everyone who is either at school/college/uni are going to be going back soon I’d do a post in between to share with you how I’m preparing.

As you all know I have know finished secondary school and will be attending college from September. This is going to be a big change from school to college so I thought I’d share with you a few tips and a few things I think are essential for me as well as what I need to purchase to prepare myself for college.

Tip: I also think as stressful as starting college can be you should relax and try not to overthink about it as this just gets you all worked up and stressed so its always good to do things you enjoy yo take your mind off things – for me that would be watching my favourite films or jamming to some of my favourite tunes and even blogging helps me relax!!

As I’ve decided to do very creative and technical subjects at college I think I need to purchase some new wireless speakers as my phone and my smaller speakers are just not working for me so I think they be perfect as they’re wireless so there isn’t that much hassle which I love. As then if I’m asked to watch clips or even movies (which I do all the time when I’m free) I can get the best sound experience as well enjoy it as much as a cinema. Youn can check out a reviews on these speakers here for more info.

Again, few other things which are essentials and are pretty self explanatory are:

1// Staedtler Pens Its good to have pens of all colours you never which you’ll need they always come in handy!

2//Minnie Mouse Tumbler Cute cups help me stay hydrated p.s I love disney!

3// Wireless Speakers explained above but you need a good sound system to jam to.

4//Festival Writing Set Its cute also great to jot notes and plan on!

5// Notebooks They’re just super cute and you can never have enough notebooks!

What are your essentials for going back to school/college/uni? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x






Outfit of the day // A rainy summer

PicsArt_1438445696980 PicsArt_1438532396136

Hey guys.

I hope you all are enjoying summer – well its not really summer as its been totally the opposite lately.

Well today I’ve got another outfit of the day. As you know I mentioned in my July – I love it, I want it! that I’ve been loving some clothing items and well I put them together and made an outfit which I truly love especially for this type of weather and summer especially.

Sweatshirt with print – H&M. I mention how much I really wanted this and I went out and bought it and I’m in love. Like seriously everything about; I love how comfy it is but not too thick its just right.

Denim Leggings – Next. As you may or may not know I love Next jeggings honestly they are the most fitting and long lasting I really do recommend them.

Brown ankle shoes – Blonde + Blonde I bought these shoes quite a while ago but just haven’t had the chance to wear them. I bought them from Bank which has sadly closed now however I found a link to wear you can buy the black ones.

Overall, I really do love this outfit as it is comfy and warm and this outfit is wearable when its raining as well. I think this is a great outfit for a rainy summer as it contains no black or white which tempting to wear when its raining yet with this outfit you can still look bright – it’s awesome right?

What’s your favourite rainy summer outfit? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x


*Outfit of the day // Grunge girl




I hope all of you are well. It feels like ages since I’ve blogged but it actually wasn’t that long ago. As I’ve been relatively due to Ramadhan finishing and Eid occurring I’ve hardly had a chance to sit and blog. Its all over now so I can blog now woohoo!

So as I haven’t done an outfit of the day in quite a while here’s one for you guys:

Dope Jumper – Topshop. – I bought this quite a while ago so I’m not too sure if its available to buy but wow have I missed the comfort of it. Its so cosy for a rainy day like today plus a black jumper is a wardrobe staple.

Grey Acid Wash Ripped Jeans – Jailbird. – I kindly got sent these jeans and honestly they are the perfect pair. The fit perfectly, they make my legs look long which I love because honestly my legs are even that long. They add length and look so good on. You can Jailbird at debenhams, KOKO Couture website etc.

Checkboard Vans – Vans. – You probably think Kiran never wears any other shoes but honestly these are so comfy I cannot no wear them. I’m thinking of getting a pair of the disney slip-ons because they’re just adorable. I love vans.

I love this outfit for little trips out as its not too flashy just simple but grunge love love love it.

What’s your favourite rainy day outfit? Comment below.

Thanks for reading – stay sassy x